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Coordination of surveys and focus groups

Interviews, surveys and focus groups are often an integral and necessary element for the studies we conduct. As it’s possible to conclude from the previously reported examples, we, C230 Consultores, have a large experience in the design of inquiry forms, surveys, focus groups, and guidelines for interviewing, as well as in their application. We apply surveys in presence, and also by telephone calls. Once the information is completed, we process the results and analyze them to get to conclusions and recommendations.

Some examples:

Creation and strengthening of the National Observatory of the Entrepreneur

During 2014 and 2015, C230 Consultores applied 5 thousand 100 surveys to entrepreneurs and businessmen in order to obtain information about benefits and areas of opportunity of the entrepreneurship support programs that... Leer más

Diagnosis of the tax and administrative load, as well as of the challenges that micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) face in Mexico

In 2013, C230 Consultores applied a survey to 3,136 companies in order to analyze the administrative load that MSMEs face in complying with their tax and employer payments; and to identify obstacles that hinder productivity and the growth of Mexican companies. The first diagnosis considered interviews to formal companies... Leer más

An evaluation of the “Bécalos” Scholarship Program

In 2014, C230 Consultores performed 1,667 telephone surveys nationwide, along with 32 qualitative in-depth interviews in six states, and eight interviews with the Bécalos Scholarship Program’s operators. The purpose of this strategy was to... Leer más