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Design of indicators

One of the basic premises of management science is that measurement is a necessary and highly valuable instrument for improvement, as it facilitates the detection of areas of opportunity, and the adjustment of interventions to better accomplish their objective. At C230 Consultores, we have extensive experience in assisting companies and public institutions in the design of performance indicators, allowing them to identify areas of opportunity and increase the effectiveness of their operations, as well as the attractiveness of their products and services.

Examples of studies:

Innovation Index for the Colombian Departments

With this project, C230 Consultores worked in the design of a synthetic index to capture data related to the capacities of the different cities and departments in Colombia, in matters of innovation. Leer más

Educational Development Index for Indigenous Populations

In order to know the educational progress made by indigenous populations, C230 Consultores created, during 2013, an index to measure their educational development. Data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) 2010 Population and Housing census were used to... Leer más

Development of the Evaluation System to measure Energy Efficiency in the Housing Sector

In this project of 2013, we designed a system to evaluate energy efficiency in Mexican homes. The system’s conceptual definition involved collaboration among the public organizations that commissioned the project, experts in energy, the Mario Molina Center... Leer más

Design of a National Innovation Index

In order to measure the level of innovation in the 32 Mexican states and 90 cities nationwide, during 2013 we worked in a coordinated effort with Venture Institute and Descifra to create an index that followed the methodology of the Global Innovation Index. The Global Innovation Index considers account variables such as human capital... Leer más