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Context and market analyses

In order to design and execute successful investments and interventions, it is imperative to have a strong understanding of the characteristics of the market. At C230 Consultores, we are experienced in designing studies that enable us to attain a better understanding of the needs of a population, as well as the dynamics of supply and demand that exert an influence on the economic and social development of a country or region. This permits us to identify areas of opportunity, so that public and private organizations may make informed decisions that put them closer to achieve their objectives.

Examples of studies:

Analysis and identification of the more cost-effective interventions for early child-hood

Through this project, C230 Consultores identified and mapped the more effective interventions for early child-hood in Colombia, and assessed their costs and benefits in order to... Leer más

Analysis and Review of the tax regime for micro, small and medium enterprises in Colombia

C230 Consultores exhaustively studied the main taxes faced by the MSMEs in Colombia, and analyzed the formal and informal sectors of the Colombian economy... Leer más

Market study on eco-technologies in the housing sector in Mexico and its possibilities for expansion

Between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, we carried out a study on the Mexican market for housing eco-technologies. The main objective of this project was to provide clear information on the performance, cost and obstacles to the implementation of different... Leer más

Diagnosis of Potential Population for the “Oportunidades” Human Development Program

At the request of the World Bank and the Oportunidades Program (which has been the main tool in anti-poverty services of the Mexican Federal Government), C230 Consultores updated the population and issues diagnosis that the Oportunidades Program utilizes to focus its activities. Oportunidades used the results of this study to adjust the design and operation of the program, and to consolidate its long term planning... Leer más