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Monitoring and follow-up

The main objective of the monitoring projects is to identify areas of opportunity in the design and operation of programs that serve to ensure higher user, client, and beneficiary satisfaction levels. Monitoring can be used to determine if a program is running as planned, whether it is meeting its objectives, and if it is complying with the applicable regulations. These projects are based on the collection of field information on the implementation of and effects produced by the program (for example: data on the characteristics and opinions stated by users or suppliers of a service or product). These data are systematized and analyzed, often in conjunction with information from administrative sources. 

Some examples:

Business Advice for MSMEs

During 2014, C230 Consultores monitored the results of a survey applied to 432 MSMEs, in order to collect information concerning the impact of a medium-term consulting program implemented in Mexico... Leer más

Diagnosis of the connectivity status and the results Digital Community Centers generate in communities

During 2013, C230 Consultores diagnosed the connectivity status provided by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of Mexico via the e-Mexico National System for Digital Community Centers (DCC) installed across the country. This system aims to reduce the digital divide... Leer más

Monitoring the Interstate Education Program

During 2013, C230 Consultores collected experimental and control information from schools, in order to measure the impact the program had produced on students learning English. Throughout the project... Leer más

Coordination of the campaign’s strategic management and players involved in detailed monitoring of sustainable housing

In March 2012, we launched a program to monitor and analyze the water and energy consumption behaviors in 30 homes in Playa del Carmen (in Southern Mexico) and Hermosillo (in northern Mexico). The objective of this project was to calibrate the Green Housing Evaluation System... Leer más