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Program and Policy Evaluation

Evaluating a program or policy implies measuring its effectiveness and efficiency in terms meeting its objectives. Evaluations also serve to identify opportunities to improve a program’s design, planning, and operation. Evaluation studies can have different scopes. For example, they can be based on analyzing performance indicators in meeting goals, or can include a more complex analysis to determine the effects a specific program produces exclusively on its target population through the application of scientific methodologies and statistics.

Some examples:

Assessment of linkages between public insecurity and gender violence

Through statistics, available information, case studies, and interviews, the linkages between gender violence and public insecurity in Mexico were studied. Cases in Nuevo León, and Estado de México were particularly studied... Leer más

Documentation and evaluation of processes of the pilot exercise “Municipality without cash” at Concepción – Antioquia

C230 Consultores worked for identifying, gathering, organizing, and systematizing the processes carried out as part of the financial inclusion pilot exercise “Municipality without cash”, executed during 2015 in Concepción, municipality of Antioquia, Colombia… Leer más

Impact evaluation on employability and social mobility for an educative model implemented in Mexico

During 2014 and 2015, C230 Consultores evaluated the impact of the Mexican higher education programs enrolled into Laureate International Universities’ education model in the social mobility, employability, and professional development of its graduates... Leer más

Evaluation of the Bono 10,000 Program in Honduras

In response to a request from the IDB, C230 Consultores conducted, in 2013, an operational assessment of the urban component of the Bono 10,000 Program in Honduras. Bono 10,000 is a conditional cash-transfer program for the population living in poverty... Leer más

Performance evaluation and assessment of the image of the National Technology Award Foundation

During 2012, we interviewed the actors involved in the National Technology Award Foundation performance, and surveyed companies that participated in the National Technology Award (PNTi). Results were summarized through... Leer más